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CLOSING TIME - (24''x18'', Acrylic on canvas)

Closing Time - Wolf Kroeger (24''x18'',

NOSTALGIA - (48''x30'', Acrylic on canvas)

Nostalgia - Wolf Kroeger (48''x30'', Acr

Time is propelled by dualities; summer and winter, night and day, warmth and frost… The headless child is not yet aware of the passage of time; he is being watched upon fondly by his parents as he reminds them of their younger selves.  Hidden in the midst of his creations, the mighty puppeteer spies over the scene. We are right in the middle of his playground, and the roundabout spins faster and faster as we age. We can only grab a few memories along the way, and escape with them for just a moment, into nostalgia.

INSOMNIA - (20''x16'', Acrylic on canvas)

Insomnia - Wolf Kroeger (20''x16'', Acry

In the dead of night, when so much needs to be done but the wheels of the great machine are at rest, it can feel like you are a flame atronach staring into a vast, frozen plain, trying to awaken it in vain. In this warped red face I sometimes recognize myself…

LE DISPARU - (18''x15'', Acrylic on canvas)

Le Disparu - Wolf Kroeger (18''x15'', Ac

SANCTUARY - (24''x18'', Acrylic on canvas)

Sanctuary - Wolf Kroeger (24''x18'', Acr

THE MILL - (20''x16'', Acrylic on canvas)

The Mill - Wolf Kroeger (20''x16'', Acry

ISOLATION (20''x16'', Acrylic on canvas)

Isolation - Wolf Kroeger (20''x16'', Acr

When you are sucked into a void of loneliness,  it is possible to find an immaculate peace within its depths. In these placid blocks, I find myself removed in stillness watching the tormented skies and burning seas, which are reminiscent of the spectacle of our society. All is beautiful from the shorelines of isolation. 

THE AGITATED (18''x15'', Acrylic on paper)

The Agitated - Wolf Kroeger (14_x16_, Ac
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