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Epic, sprawling, trippy, ambient, rogue classic art-filled rock opus. If you could isolate each part of this song individually, from the inventive guitar work, the poetry and prose, to the soaring and rangey background vocals, and even the epic percussion pieces throughout – each individually would make for a classic must listen. Wolf has performed a small miracle to incorporate them all in one single grand vision here, in spite of possibly losing those that may shy away from such grandeur. Fearless."

 - For The Love Of Bands


Album cover test 10.05.jpg

A Tale Of Shadows And Dreams is a 13 song story-telling album recounting a Fantasy/Noire 
My Cave is a mini LP recorded during a transitional period. The album title song was recorded in Wolf's old project studio while Trees of Sound and Mirrors to Television  were done in a new setup.

“With a name like Wolf Kroeger, you might expect this musician to be a bit of a rough-around-the-edges type, but the opening track on the singer-songwriter’s second album My Cave proves different. “Trees of Sound” is warbling, free spirited but familiar-sounding. It’s refreshingly not about love; or not outwardly at least. The rest of the songs follow suit. Wolf croons nostalgia-conjuring, curiosity-inspiring lyrics of journeying, settling and growing “old not up” with a voice both smooth and assured, charming against a jagged electric guitar.”

Shanti Das - DrunkenWerewolf

A Lost Circus is Wolf's first album released in 2011. Some of the songs will be revisited in BIOLEKTRIC.

“Very cool and full of mystery, lyrics are wonderful and full of imagination! A great young talent here with tremendous future ahead. Here's hoping a smart label will grab him up!”

— Blueswest

This soundtrack was written by Wolf for the award-wining stop motion pilot THE AGITATED. We will be posting links to the piece as soon as it is released.


BIOLEKTRIC-Chapter I- Melancholy/Sandy Lee (sketches)
Indian Summer- Wolf Kroeger ( The Doors cover )